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Meet the team that gets PepsiCo items online and in your shopping cart

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PepsiCo eCommerce team working in office
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As more and more consumers are grocery shopping online, the eCommerce team at PepsiCo is making it even easier to pop some bubly into your next delivery order.

“One of my favorite things about working here is that I see the firsthand impact of things that I do,” says Ashley Mitzel, eCommerce sales manager. That feeling of accomplishment is a common sentiment among all the members of the eCommerce team. The diverse group — which includes former startup engineers as well as veteran PepsiCo supply chain experts — brings team members’ mixed backgrounds together to form an agile department that can ideate, develop and launch new digital products.

Brett Lucas (eCommerce supply chain lead): I work for PepsiCo’s eCommerce and digital capabilities team, where we’re focused on winning in the eCommerce channel and building digital capabilities in house for PepsiCo.

Ashley Mitzel (eCommerce sales manager): It’s really awesome to me, and one of my favorite things about working here is I see the firsthand impact of things that I do. I can see something that I launched, or I can see a sales program perform really well. And that’s exciting to me — to see a tangible result.

Chase Gilliam (full stack engineer): We’re trying to take our experience from our backgrounds at small startups or other types of companies and other industry verticals and apply them in the context of what we’re doing here. It’s really cool to say that we’ve worked with interesting and modern technology, like Elixir. That’s great. And by itself, it says that we’re doing innovative, interesting and unusual things in the space.

Ashley Mitzel: The team has changed since I’ve started. One of the reasons that it was so exciting to me then was that I could really own the work that I was doing and make an impact. I don’t think that’s changed. I think even though that we’ve grown as an organization, there are still so many opportunities on a day-to-day basis to make that impact.

Brett Lucas: PepsiCo has been a great place to build my career over the years, where I’ve had many opportunities in different roles within supply chain, whether it be in manufacturing or warehousing or across channels or across different business units. I’ve had the opportunity to be supported to go into Frito-Lay at times or Pepsi beverages and even Gatorade. I’ve had opportunities to travel internationally. I’ve had great managers, great mentors. I’ve had a variety of experiences at PepsiCo that have just made it a great place to work at.