Taking on the challenge of creating factories of the future

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From augmented reality headsets to unrivaled curiosity, PepsiCo’s supply chain is using every tool possible to build cutting-edge systems to deliver more smiles with every sip and every bite.

Whenever Paul Campbell, SVP of supply chain, Europe, visits PepsiCo factories, he is always amazed by the can-do attitude. He sees how it makes PepsiCo leaders think about challenges in new ways, like creating digital twins of their factories to figure out the best practices for the future. Join him as he visits plants, meets with the next generation of female business leaders, shares supply chain trends and celebrates the success that will drive innovation for years to come.

Paul Campbell (SVP of Supply Chain, Europe): Hi, I’m Paul, and I’m the Senior Vice President for Supply Chain for PepsiCo in Europe. What my job is all about is making sure that the planning, make and move of our fantastic high-quality products meet consumers’ and customers’ needs every single day. The culture here is a real can-do attitude where every challenge is seen as an opportunity to succeed. We encourage people to really innovate in their thinking and their approach. We are building digital twins of our factories that allow us to use artificial intelligence to think how best to run those plants. We’re working with augmented reality headsets to help people see what a factory might look like in the future.

The sort of things that are going to make PepsiCo faster, stronger and better are things like curiosity, being really intrigued by what’s happening inside and outside the organization. And then having an impatience for change, really challenging the norms of what’s happening around us. What PepsiCo’s great at is providing the breadth of opportunities for people to grow their careers in multiple different ways. I’m really excited about the work I’m doing with Lead, an industry-wide body that’s looking at building the profiles of female leaders within business, which is really important for PepsiCo. But what I also love is how we celebrate success and really call out the great work that people do.