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Careers of a Lifetime: Making a perfect chip

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Marilyn Hopkins lifetime career at PepsiCo
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Processing operator lead Marilyn Hopkins has worked at the Frito-Lay factory for 42 years and counting. What keeps her excited for each day on the job? Find out.

“When I come in, I look for the oils, the moisture, the color, everything,” says Hopkins, a processing operator lead. “I’m trying to get it just right, that perfect chip.”

Hopkins has worked at the plant for over 42 years and is driven by the challenge of making the tastiest Frito chip that will make consumers smile.

When we get it just right, it’s rewarding.

Marilyn Hopkins

processing operator lead

She also loves the family-friendly atmosphere and the picnics and get-togethers that her team organizes outside of office hours. But what makes her happiest is when she knows her team made the best product possible. “When we get it just right, it’s rewarding,” she says.

This video and article are part of “Careers of a Lifetime,” an ongoing series that highlights some of the countless PepsiCo employees who have spent 20+ years finding their purpose at PepsiCo in a variety of fields and positions around the world.

Marilyn Hopkins (processing operator lead): My name is Marilyn Hopkins and I’ve been working at Frito-Lay for 42 years. Started when I was a baby. I am a processing operator making Fritos, those delicious Fritos. When I come in, I look for the moisture, the color, everything, just so I can get out a good, quality product. I’m trying to get it just right, that perfect chip, that perfect texture. What the consumer likes, versus what we’re making. We want to get as close to that as possible. Right on it. When we get it just right, it’s rewarding. What I love about it? It’s family-oriented. We have our little picnics and stuff, and it’s never the same. It’s always something going on where it’s a challenge. I love challenges. Can’t lose with that.