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See why PepsiCo interns use words like “powerful” and “unexpected”

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U.S. interns typically spend 10 weeks embedded in a PepsiCo department — from finance to frontline sales, R&D to eCommerce. Find out about the challenges, the rewards and the opportunities straight from former interns.

Each summer, PepsiCo brings more than 1,200 interns into 20 departments in offices throughout the U.S., with lots of different assignments. And, as this video shows, no two PepsiCo internships are ever the same. But one thing is universal: Each intern walks away with real-world work experience and long-lasting memories built through on-the-job moments and after-work events.

Abby Motson (Senior Manager, US University Engagement Lead): What makes an internship at PepsiCo unique is that you get the full-scale business experience. So whether you are working in a factory where chips are made and seeing fresh hot chips roll off the line or maybe you’re in sales and you’re getting to engage with our consumers, you are actually being hands on with our business experiences.

Salvador (intern): My experience this summer with PepsiCo has been a great learning experience. This is a company and an office that makes someone feel really at home.

Anas (intern): Everyone here has been so helpful. They have been nice.

Keri (intern): Everybody is like, hi how are you? and I’m like hey! I I’m great. It just feels very welcoming and inviting.

Neda (intern): I did not expect to have such a hands-on role as an intern.

Athena (intern): Being able to be a field intern in the warehouse and see the distribution of all the products but then also get the flip side of seeing the corporate office; it’s a really cool blend of both sides of the industry that I don’t think I would have been able to see anywhere else.

Kaseem (intern): We’re encouraged to interact with each other. We’re not shunned away from asking questions.

Daniel (intern): The diversity is definitely there and I think all of that definitely helps foster a very inclusive environment.

Naneth Allen (Senior Manager, Global Campus Programs): With PepsiCo and your interest for an internship with us, it’s really important that you do your research. We have quite a bit of tips and tricks on social media; you can follow our channels.

Abby Motson (Senior Manager, US University Engagement Lead): If we don’t happen to go to your campus, there are great ways to engage with PepsiCo virtually. We’re on Handshake and you can also seek us out on LinkedIn.

Michelle Militante (Senior Director, Talent Acquisition Recruitment & Global COE): Our website and career site will have a ton of information about what our jobs look like, what kind of skills are we really focused on, and what our candidate experience looks like as you move through the selection process.

Patrick (intern): I think it’s helped me take a much broader view on what I would like to do just because I’ve been able to see how here the supply chain and sales flow right in with each other.

Neda (intern): After sitting in a classroom and hearing how different businesses and corporations work and then actually being here and seeing it and helping to make it happen was really powerful for me.

Bryan (intern): It’s been really awesome. My team’s been super supportive in getting us acclimated to all the acronyms and everything going on at Pepsi.

Keri (intern): They show up very authentically for their talent.

Kaseem (intern): It’s an amazing company, an amazing work environment.

Salvador (intern): It makes an intern want to feel welcome here and I know what I want to do in my future now.

Naneth Allen (Senior Manager, Global Campus Programs): You’re going to get some leadership experience that you’re not going to be able to learn in the classroom.

Michele Militante (Senior Director, Talent Acquisition Recruitment & Global COE): It’s a great way to really explore what your career could look like here at PepsiCo.