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See why PepsiCo interns use words like “eye-opening”

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U.S. interns typically spend 10 weeks embedded in a PepsiCo department — from finance to frontline sales, R&D to eCommerce. Find out about the challenges, the rewards and the opportunities straight from former interns.

Each summer, PepsiCo brings 1,000 interns into 20 departments in offices throughout the U.S., with lots of different assignments. And, as this video shows, no two PepsiCo internships are ever the same. But one thing is universal: Each intern walks away with real-world work experience and long-lasting memories built through on-the-job moments and after-work events.

That’s no different this summer, except that our internships are being transformed into virtual experiences. As the Washington Post reported, PepsiCo is building out a program that will be similar to the face-to-face one, with a few new enhancements. In addition to working within the functional teams they’ll be joining, interns will participate in a cross-functional business challenge, pair up with employee resource group members as part of a formal mentor program, and hear from PepsiCo execs through a speaker series. And while the 2020 interns might not get to dance with Chester, he may just pop into a Zoom call!

John Banks (intern): If I had to sum up my experience so far in one word, I would say eye-opening.

Ashmera Mohamed (intern): I would say transformative.

Speaker 1: Amazing.

Cat Carter (intern): Fun.

Nicole Giannini (intern): Challenging yet extremely rewarding.

Sarah Hendrick (former senior director, U.S. campus talent acquisition): PepsiCo is very committed to university recruiting and bringing on campus talent to bring on [inaudible] interns and they’re feeding into over 22 functions.

Jamie Schermerhorn (senior director, finance, North America): Interns bring a really fresh perspective, which was one of the reasons that we put them on real business problems that we’re facing. The work that they do lives on beyond the summer.

Cat Carter: I knew that my voice mattered at PepsiCo in my internship just from my very first meeting. There was a piece of creative and they wanted my input.

Ashmera Mohamed: I got a glimpse into what it could be like working and I was really excited to begin a professional career.

Sarah Hendrick: At PepsiCo, our summer intern program is designed to give students real-world challenges to work on. They have a project that they’re focusing on during the 10 weeks they’re with us. We put on a lot of different activities for them, whether it’s community service events, happy hours, sports events and ways that they can just come and connect with our senior leadership.

Ashmera Mohamed: The project that I worked on had me mainly in the lab. I felt supported, but I also felt like I had ownership to decide exactly how I wanted to execute the experiments themselves.

John Banks: One thing that surprised me was how much the teams interact together, how much there is cross-functional collaboration. You see it really quickly, how much it takes to make this whole thing work.

Nicole Giannini: I’ve had various opportunities to travel around the country. At the end of my program, I’ll be traveling to Dallas to do national report ads.

Ramon Laguarta (chairman and CEO): One of the [inaudible] responsibilities of the executive committee is to build the next generation of talent for PepsiCo. I think that’s probably my number one responsibility, to make sure that I have a set of leaders that follow us, that continue the journey of what is an amazing company, to make it even better. So you guys are potentially one of those leaders.

Cat Carter: I was ecstatic when I received an offer at PepsiCo. Not only was this an organization that I was really interested in, but it was one that was invested in me and really wanted me to be a part of this family.

John Banks: Whether it be the people, the cultural fit, the long-term vision of this company, they all match with where I want to take my career.

Nicole Giannini: The culture here is just so open and welcoming that I can’t see myself working anywhere else.