Life at PepsiCo

Check Out My Workspace: Meet the Frito-Lay Associate Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

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Around the world, frontline associates give consumers access to PepsiCo’s iconic brands.

PepsiCo wouldn’t be PepsiCo without the women and men who make, move and sell its products.

Frontline associates in our production facilities, on the road and in our stores capture our inclusive spirit. They contribute to our mission of delivering smiles with every sip and every bite. They help drive — oftentimes literally — products that help people get the comfort, joy and nutrition they need. Their grit and determination help scale up our business to inspire positive outcomes for our people, communities and planet.

Frontline opportunities are broad and vast: Hard workers are invited to explore positions in merchandising, delivery, warehouses and the supply chain. Likewise, sales associates offer unmatched customer service.

Here, Hope Vincent, discusses entering the world of sales and how her dad’s professional experience at Frito-Lay inspired her to take the role she has now.

NAME: Hope Vincent
Route Sales Associate at Frito-Lay

Hello! Introduce yourself: Who are you and what do you do?

Hi! My name is Hope and I’m an RSA in Raleigh, North Carolina. An RSA is a route sales associate. Basically, I run routes that don’t have a set representative. On a daily basis, I’m delivering, ordering, maintaining and merchandising our iconic brands.

You’ve been at Frito-Lay for about a year. What inspired you to take the role you have now?

My dad is a huge inspiration. He’s worked at Frito-Lay for almost 20 years. Ever since I was young, my dad recognized my hard work ethic and drive. He inspired me to take advantage of this awesome career so that I can have a great life, great work-life balance and make good money as well.

We’re building professional relationships, and they’re at the core of what we do.

What did your dad tell you about working with iconic brands?

Growing up, we all sat around the dinner table and talked about our days. Oftentimes, my dad talked about the importance of customer service. That’s essentially what we do for Frito-Lay. But the fact that we were able to sit together spoke to the importance of work-life balance. He also taught me about the products and how to build relationships that allow you to succeed.

How are you getting firsthand experience moving and selling our products?

Again, this is all about relationships. Moving products, as well as establishing and maintaining relationships, are our top priorities as salespeople. This extends from small convenience stores to large club stores. We’re building professional relationships, and they’re at the core of what we do. If that relationship isn’t there, you’re not going to be successful in customer service and sales.

PepsiCo is known for its inclusive culture. What stands out to you about it so far?

I wrote a paper in school about how inclusivity impacts businesses. Basically, all research indicates that inclusive businesses have highly engaged, motivated and productive workforces. PepsiCo thrives under this premise. We hire diverse employees from all walks of life. Frito-Lay is a melting pot of different personalities and strengths. That’s why we’re such a dynamic place to work. Every employee has a different role, and they contribute in various ways to ensure we’re successful.

How does Frito-Lay build leaders at all levels?

Frito-Lay trusts each team member to implement processes and communicate. We’re a unified force. Throughout each level of the company, this way of working is important because each employee’s role is important. We all have to reach quotas, meet sales plans and maintain relationships. We all work together to provide consumers with the best snacks in the world. It’s a great job!

We all work together to provide consumers with the best snacks in the world.

Who inspires you?

A lot of people. We have a culture of mentorship. My colleague Mo is now a friend outside of work. She’s hard-working, professional and passionate. She always has a smile on her face! Franklyn is my go-to guy for questions and concerns. I can always count on him to be approachable, professional and organized. He inspires me to succeed because he’s extremely humble and genuine. Lastly, of course, is my dad. His drive, determination and devotion to his career is the main driving force for my inspiration. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be in the place I am today. And I am very thankful for his contributions and hard work.

Tell us about your workspace.

I currently work out of the distribution center (DC) here in Raleigh. We have about a hundred RSAs who I see on a daily basis. Our DC is the main hub for all of the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). I spend most of my workday in customer accounts and in the truck driving to and from each stop. Most of my day is spent in the stores working the product.

What are you looking forward to next?

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and expand! I would like to move up the ladder here. Frito-Lay is a great company to grow and invest your life in. It can be a lifelong career.