Life at PepsiCo

A Day in the Life of Early Career Professionals at PepsiCo

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Teams at PepsiCo shape the future of our iconic brands and the world. Hear from six recent college grads as they share their career stories, a day in the life, and what makes them smile at what’s next.

I was driving a truck for a couple of months as a route sales representative. And now I look after a team of 18 route sales representatives.

Meet Layemi

District Sales Leader, PepsiCo Canada

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[00:00:05] My name is Layemi Morgan, and I’m a district sales leader in Frito-Lay,
[00:00:10] Located out of the Scarborough DC in the Toronto Zone in Ontario, Canada.
[00:00:15] I’ve done so many different things in my time at the company.
[00:00:18] I’ve worked as a blueprint customer service specialist in downtown Toronto.
[00:00:23] I was driving a truck for a couple of months as a route sales representative.
[00:00:27] So already I’ve had such a great experience with the company and I’m sure that that will continue.
[00:00:31] I look after a team of 18 route sales representatives.
[00:00:35] They are responsible for about 20 to 30 accounts that they look after.
[00:00:39] They drive to the stores, they deliver product, they merchandise it as well, and then they write the next order.
[00:00:45] So my role is to look after that group of people,
[00:00:48] to assist them with anything that they need
[00:00:50] and to also look at their sales and how they’re growing their business and
[00:00:54] help them thrive in that environment and continue to develop.
[00:00:58] At the beginning of the week, I tend to focus on the administrative side of my role,
[00:01:03] just following up on any emails, reaching out to our key account managers
[00:01:06] in PepsiCo who manage different banners,
[00:01:09] and also having one with ones with my team where we go over their sales results for the past week
[00:01:14] and I help them answer any questions that they might have.
[00:01:16] In the latter half of the week, I spend my time in the market.
[00:01:19] So whether that’s working with my team, going from their first store to their last store with them,
[00:01:24] really helping them understand their business and looking for any sales opportunities as well,
[00:01:30] or a meeting with our district managers who are people in my equivalent position and our customers’ companies.
[00:01:40] The thing about PepsiCo that makes me smile the most is the relationship that I have with my peers and my manager and everyone that I work with.
[00:01:47] Everyone truly cares about each other in such a personal way,
[00:01:51] and we’re always willing to help each other out no matter what.
[00:01:54] It’s just such a positive and inclusive company,
[00:01:57] and I feel everyone really has an equal opportunity here to shine.
[00:02:01] I really couldn’t see myself in any other career.

As part of the visualization team here in PepsiCo, my main job is giving life to data. I graduated from economics, so I’m not coming from an IT background.

Meet Rodrigo

IT Data Analyst, PepsiCo Barcelona

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[00:00:04] My name is Rodrigo and I work as a data analyst in IT, focusing on data visualization and reporting.
[00:00:11] I graduated from economics, so I’m not coming from an IT background.
[00:00:16] Still, I’ve been able to learn a lot here in PepsiCo working in IT.
[00:00:23] I was looking for opportunities in big companies, working I.T., and then I found PepsiCo Career Portal and I found a graduate program.
[00:00:31] As part of the visualization team here in PepsiCo, my main job is giving life to data.
[00:00:39] And, giving life to data is important because you can provide the business with different actionable insights and valuable information they can use in order to understand better our consumers and get faster and stronger in different aspects.
[00:00:55] I knew it was going to be a big challenge to working in such a big company surrounded by such talented people.
[00:01:01] And still, I think that that’s nothing compared to the takeaways that you get from this experience.
[00:01:09] My career has grown a lot here in PepsiCo.
[00:01:11] I think I’ve found many, many opportunities.
[00:01:14] Even when I had some experience in I.T. in my previous experiences.
[00:01:19] It was not like I was given so many responsibilities as I am right now.
[00:01:25] This has given me much confidence and much energy to continue developing myself as a professional.
[00:01:34] I think what PepsiCo has given me in a very simple way is the connection with other people that inspire me and how this has actually fuel my intentions on inspiring others.

Throughout various interactions with managers, I’ve always unlocked a new version of myself. And, I have the confidence to think that I could be a senior leader within the business.

Meet Cindy

Supply Chain Procurement Specialist, PepsiCo South Africa

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Cindy [00:00:03] My name is Cindy Dlamini and I am a procurement specialist and at the SSA move cluster.
[00:00:10] In my current position as a procurement specialist, my job is to source material. Sourcing material for the business, negotiating pricing, which is always very interesting.
[00:00:21] It entails contract management and risk management. So mitigating any risk to business.
Manager [00:00:28] I think it’s critical that we develop our supply chain talent through the graduate program because it gives our graduates an opportunity for growth, for them to unlock their potential professionally by applying the theory they’ve learned and accumulated in their years of university.
Cindy [00:00:45] Throughout the various interactions with managers that I’ve made in my rotations, I’ve always unlocked a new version of myself.
Cindy [00:00:52] And, I have the confidence to actually think that I could be a senior leader within the business. And that in itself has grown my ambition and has inspired me to learn so much more than what I’m exposed to right now.
Manager [00:01:05] Opportunities are vast and the exposure is endless. There’s a lot of activity and it really gives you a chance to learn and build a foundation in your career.
Cindy [00:01:15] What makes me smile about PepsiCo is everything. The products and the people.
[00:01:19] You come to work, you’re not coming to a stressful environment.
[00:01:23] You’re coming to a team that understands you.
[00:01:25] I love my job. I love what I do, and I love the space that I have found myself in.

I set up action plans and maintain relationships with sales managers and supervisors. As a woman, I feel very included in every aspect.

Meet Bruna

Sales Manager, PepsiCo Brazil

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[00:00:04] My name is Bruna and I’ve been with PepsiCo for almost two years.
[00:00:08] I joined the company through a program at my college
[00:00:13] and I knew I wanted to work in sales.
[00:00:15] I joined PepsiCo through the Next Gen program in January 2021.
[00:00:19] The Next Gen program is associated with the Dare To Do More program.
[00:00:28] Once I completed the trainee process,
[00:00:31] I reached the position that I hold today as Sales Manager.
[00:00:33] I work with Toddy chocolate,Kero Coconut, Quaker Oats,
[00:00:39] as well as Milharina and Polentina.
[00:00:43] My current position involves implementing action plans
[00:00:45] that accelerate sales and increase distribution and positve sentiment for our products.
[00:00:54] I visit their distribution center, the office,
[00:00:58] and speak with everyone.
[00:00:59] Most importantly, I maintain relationships with the Sales Manager and Supervisors.
[00:01:04] where I set up the action plans
[00:01:08] and we share information from the field.
[00:01:12] I love the people at PepsiCo.
[00:01:15] The people here are very special and very inclusive.
[00:01:22] So as a woman, I feel very included in every aspect.
[00:01:26] I feel that I can hold any position anywhere in the world or in Brazil.

I went from an accelerated development program to an area related to technology automation, and even though I didn’t imagine this role, I love it!

Meet Salvador

Process Excellence Senior Analyst, PepsiCo Mexico

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[00:00:08] My name is Salvador Acosta.
[00:00:09] I am a senior analyst in process excellence
[00:00:12] and have been with the company for approximately two years.
[00:00:17] I was part of the Next Gen program,
[00:00:20] an accelerated development program that lasts approximately 18 months.
[00:00:21] I just left the program about six months ago and I am very happy to have been part of it.
[00:00:28] Right now, I’m in an area more related to automation
[00:00:31] and even though I didn’t imagine it, I love it.
[00:00:35] Salvador has been working on a project in human resources
[00:00:41] And the main challenge of this project was to learn a new automation technology.
[00:00:47] In my day to day life,
[00:00:49] I wake up and usually have training sessions with members of the functions so that they can develop their own initiatives.
[00:01:00] He had to learn it on his own and seek the necessary
[00:01:05] support to be able to carry out this knowledge.
[00:01:09] In the end, the goal is not the arrival, but to enjoy the journey.
[00:01:14] What makes me smile about Pepsico, are the people who make up Pepsic.
[00:01:20] The fact that Pepsico creates an environment where it is inclusive,
[00:01:25] means inclusivity for everyone
[00:01:27] which I feel helps me to create real relationships with people.
[00:01:35] I like my work,
[00:01:36] I love what I do
[00:01:37] And well, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I would have never imagined working in such a multicultural environment where you have unlimited opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally.

Meet Chiara

Supply Chain Assistant Analyst, PepsiCo Barcelona

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[00:00:05] I’m Chiara. I am a supply chain assistant analyst within PepsiCo in Barcelona.
[00:00:11] When I was at school, it was a dream imagining myself where I am today.
[00:00:16] I would have never imagined the complexity of working in such a multinational and multicultural environment where you have unlimited opportunities of growth, both professionally and personally.
[00:00:32] In my current position, I am working within the Center of Excellence, the COE, of the Demand Planning team.
[00:00:40] We are a European team that coordinates business units across Europe in terms of forecast, forecast accuracy and forecast improvement, as well as other projects and initiatives that are launched at European, but also global level.
[00:00:56] It’s a rollercoaster. It’s one day, it’s not the same as the other one.
[00:01:01] We are supporting on, you know, escalating and solving issues on a day to day basis and this really empowers me and gives me a lot of energy because I’m getting in contact with several people across the world.
[00:01:17] What really impressed me about PepsiCo, it’s the commitment in trying to improve the environment and really make an impact within the community and the world that we have around us.
[00:01:32] I love my job.