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Ask a former PepsiCo intern: So, what was it like?

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Each year, PepsiCo welcomes thousands of interns around the world. But they are more than just temporary team members — they help us Dare for Better. And often they become full-time associates themselves.

Do you want to work for a company that not only challenges you professionally but also strives to make a positive impact on the world? At PepsiCo, that’s what you get. Every day, we Dare for Better — for our planet, our communities and ourselves.

PepsiCo interns can make a real difference and create lasting memories that impact their careers for years to come. But don’t take it from us. Here, former interns — now PepsiCo associates — share what made their PepsiCo internship so transformative and memorable.

Renuka Bhatt
Current Role: Maintenance Engineering Resource
2020 PepsiCo Intern
Texas, U.S.

The internship is exactly what you’d want to do as a career. What you see is what you get.

Yogan Parianen
Current Role: Raw Materials Supervisor
2020 PepsiCo Intern
Mississauga, Canada

My inner nomad was like, ‘OK — let’s try something new. Let’s have an adventure.’ And I don’t regret it!

Daniel Pugh
Current Role: Customer Development Sales Assistant Representative
2021 PepsiCo Intern
West London, U.K.

The brands are the first draw. But then you get to experience its incredible culture and people.

Sainabou John
Current Role: R&D Food Scientist
2020 PepsiCo Intern
Texas, U.S.

I learned so much. Now, I’m involved with our internship program, developing talent like me to get excited about the future.

Pavni Misra
Current Role: Associate Engineer
2021 PepsiCo Intern
Texas, U.S.

I started as a supply chain intern and then moved to R&D. Throughout it all, my teams have been super helpful and welcoming.

Tim Nguyen
Current Role: Financial Planner
2022 PepsiCo Intern
Ontario, Canada

My internship focused on revenue management. Now, I’m in Financial Planning and Analysis. PepsiCo empowers everyone to take control of their careers.

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