Life at PepsiCo

Celebrating the PepsiCo Way

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A strong culture is a cornerstone of PepsiCo and, according to chairman and CEO Ramon Laguarta, one of the company’s best assets. To celebrate their seven new guiding behaviors, they threw a party. And of course there were drinks and snacks!

On a sunny fall day, more than 1,000 PepsiCo employees gathered at their headquarters in Purchase, New York — along with a few stilt walkers and brightly suited performers — to celebrate PepsiCo Way Day. The event marked the launch of the PepsiCo Way and its seven guiding behaviors to usher in a new era of PepsiCo culture.

I think we can make our culture a competitive advantage, and that’s why the PepsiCo Way is so, so important.

Ramon Laguarta

PepsiCo chairman and CEO

There was a carnival atmosphere across the Purchase campus, with lawn games, a Sips & Bites pavilion, a Brand Alley where you could try Cheetos Mac & Cheese Bites and Flamin’ Hot Doritos, and seven stations to highlight the new principles of the PepsiCo Way.

The activities in the stations included “meeting” new types of consumers on VR headsets, creating retail displays with bubly boxes and coloring in a LIFEWTR mural designed by artist and fashion designer Adam Dalton Blake. But each activity helped employees get more insight into the PepsiCo Way behaviors that will help the company become faster, stronger and better.

One thing I’ve learned in more than 23 years with PepsiCo is that our culture is our greatest strength.

Ramon Laguarta

PepsiCo chairman and CEO

The PepsiCo Way

  • Always do what is right
  • Behave in a transparent and authentic way
  • Trust others and empower them to deliver
  • Continuously seek new growth opportunities as well as cost efficiencies
  • Take calculated risks and stimulate others to do the same
  • Do what is best for PepsiCo as a whole and not just for your own area
  • Create a safe space for different opinions
  • Actively listen and be curious
  • Respectfully challenge decisions when you disagree
  • Consistently innovate to create more value for end-consumers
  • Factor the end-consumer into every decision we make
  • Use data & empathy to understand & anticipate the needs of our end-consumers
  • Build a positive & collaborative work environment
  • Create moments of fun
  • Show appreciation for each other’s contributions, both big & small
  • Hire and promote only the best
  • Build diverse teams and inclusive environments
  • Recognize people based on performance and potential
  • Stay focused on what really matters and clarify what we won’t do
  • Simplify the way we work, eliminate bureaucracy and remove obstacles
  • Decide, commit, and execute fast